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The Mom McGrail Memorial Scholarship 5K Walk - Run

The 2023 5K is Virtual & In Person
Online Registration will be available from now.

Why:       The annual 5K Walk - Run was established by friends and family of Catherine "Kathleen"                                           McGrail to bring people and a community together for a good time in her memory all while
                   raising money for academic scholarship(s).

When:   The date was chosen in early August every year so that it would correspond with Mrs. McGrail's                                 birthday on August 7th.  It will always be held on the 1st Saturday of August every year. The                    registration form will go live on Monday, July 3rd and stay up one week after the in person                    walk ~ run Saturday, August 12, 2023. The in person 5K walk ~ run will take place on Saturday,                     August 5, 2023 @ 9:30am.  Please post your virtual 5K photos to the Mom McGrail Facebook                     page and use the hashtag #mommcgrail5k2023.  

Where:  Historically the 5K has had a few different routes over the years before settling on the current                                     route that starts and finishes at the Veterans Memorial Park.

How to get involved:  

                  Participant:  It is a family friendly 5K race for all levels; walkers, walkers with strollers, novice                                  runners, competitive runners, etc. 
                  Sponsors: There are 3 levels of sponsorship, all for under $100
                  Donators:  Nothing is too small, all proceeds go towards the college scholarships for local school kids                    Volunteer.  There are many jobs leading up to the 5K, especially the day of the race 

If interested in any of the above, please contact Liz McGrail at (607) 437-4299.

Your support and participation is greatly appreciated by the family and friends of "Mom McGrail"